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When the new collections have only just hit our online store, we’re already busying ourselves with next season.

Fashion follows a fixed calendar and most collections are shown one season in advance by default. So even though we surround ourselves with brands that believe in a sustainable direction and mostly create evolving collections (with mostly timeless items), the clothes you can currently admire digitally were bought about six months ago. 


When the new collections trickle into our online store, our heads are already in the next fashion season. Fair is fair, a buying period is always a challenge. Fortunately, we have been working with many of our agencies for years already and that creates a bond. Because each piece of clothing is purchased by Lize with great care. You could say with heart and soul.

We consider the photography to be one of our distinctive factors. Founder and owner Esther has a passion for images and photography and she photographs the collections in the most special places. We have photographed in an art gallery, in a hangar, in a luxury apartment on the 34th floor and in the Musis & Stadstheater in Arnhem.


We like to work with models who have the soul-sister vibe and can immediately live up to it in front of the camera. And if there is a click, we like to ask a model again. In addition, we don't only choose 'young' models, we also find middle-aged women interesting. 


A photo shoot requires some preparation, but by now Annemieke completes the job with ease. Besides finding a unique location and suitable models, it is especially important to get all the samples of the brands together at the same time and place. Sometimes we photograph a (small) part of the collection in our own soul-sister studio, next to our warehouse. During the shoot we leave the hair and make-up to a professional, but we style all the sets ourselves. 



And how does the entire collection end up online? Each garment is entered by Annemieke manually. Then comes the image selection; Lize selects the best photos and we then put all the images online ourselves.

In short, as a team we are on top of things from the beginning and constantly in the middle of it as well. We have seen, felt and tried on every single item of clothing personally. So if you send us an email or get one of us on the phone: we can advise you perfectly. Last but not least, we will also send your order with lots of love