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soul-sister is an online store where we offer exclusive designer labels since 2011.

Of course quality and exclusivity and the use of beautiful materials are paramount, but we especially love brands with a story. Brands with an eye for detail. And if, in addition to all this, there is also a certain click between the brand and us, then it certainly helps. Each piece of clothing is purchased with great care. You could say with heart and soul. We stand surety for your new purchase, so that the garment is a special asset to your wardrobe. 



We are an accessible online store, we are actually here for you. As a small team, we know all the ins and outs of the fit, we understand how sizing works within the various brands and what the brand's backstory is. So we can really advise you. If you call us, you speak to one of us. No-one else. We’re here, we’re personal and we’re involved.


We consider photography to be one of our distinguishing factors. Founder and owner Esther Ausems has a passion for images and photography and believes that exclusive clothing, which often carries a price tag, should be given the environment it deserves. Not the easiest path, but we do love a creative challenge. Our collections are photographed by Esther herself at the most extraordinary locations. Once in a while we use our own SOUL-SISTER Studio, next to our warehouse. 



In short, sit down and 'browse' through our online store at your leisure. Think of it as a nice place where you can get inspired. Discover and consciously shop that one piece of clothing that makes your heart beat faster and cherish it for years to come. We will wrap it up for you with love. 



‘Buy good things, own them a long time’.