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We photograph our collections at the Musis & Stadstheater, in Arnhem. The graceful building is beautifully designed and features striking materials such as natural stone, bronze and green ceramic walls. We keep discovering beautiful spaces there. And we like them all equally.

Once again, we choose the backstage room (with unusual spiral staircase) in the basement of the building and the adjacent narrow courtyard garden. The many shades of gray on the wall, the 'outdoor feeling' of the gravel and the reflection of the glass fit wonderfully with our fall 22 collections. The Parkfoyer is an atmospheric space where we also enjoy photographing. Here we benefit from of the natural light in conjunction with the bronze doors and green ceramics.

And then a new spot this time, on the second floor of the Musis. In the hall next to the Frombergfoyer, there is an authentic stained glass window between the tightly plastered walls, where the light falls in magically. The hall itself is mostly from glass and overlooks a unique sediment roof surrounded by the green ceramic walls. Some pieces of clothing seemed to be made for this space. Can't be a coincidence....