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"Humanoid just happened", according to Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens, the founders of this wonderful label. It's that SOUL-SISTER been a big fan of this label for ages. Humanoid was the first label we added to our shop and we’re still enjoying each new collection these ‘Arnhemmers’ produce.

Humanoid’s middle name is simple, yet unique, she’s stylish, timeless and easy to wear. The unique, soft colors, fabrics and special details make the label Humanoid what she is and what she has been for over 30 years. A button or a zipper in an unexpected place? Ah, you’re wearing a Humanoid!

Each new Humanoid collection that enters our webshop is seamlessly linked with the previous one, so Humanoid never goes out of style. That also applies to the Humanoid shoes and boots that SOUL-SISTER sells. Humanoid is here to stay. Welcome to our online Humanoid collection!