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BANANATIME is quite a joyful name and joy was exactly what Naoyo Kawaguchi and Juliah Mah had on their mind when they founded the brand in 2014. After all, there are few better reasons to work together than that you enjoy doing so. But where did they get the name? Well, it was the title of an influential publication in 1959 by the sociologist Donald Francis Roy. This work describes how industrial labourers introduced short breaks, called banana-time, during which they would play games to make their work more enjoyable. In other words, we might say that BANANATIME equals a fun break from the monotony of life.

When the two friends started out, they had only one design: a completely silk boxershort. Over time, sundry other designs were added, consistently in a style both universal and unisex. The current collection consists of boxershorts, blouses, spacious trousers and dresses, all sporting fun prints and made from 100% silk. The inspiration for their prints the brand draws mostly from other, vintage prints. By the way, the silk is machine proof and each purchase comes with a convenient washing bag.