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atelier charlie

The name ‘Charlie’ refers to the German language and means `strong, brave, free person`. But it's also the name of the dog from Lotte van Schijndel, the founder and designer of Atelier Charlie. After finishing her studies at ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she gained work experience in different companies in Paris, France and in the Netherlands. She worked for Christophe Lemaire, who was Hermès' chief designer for a long time. 'His own brand Lemaire was still in its infancy when I worked there. And that also meant that sometimes I had to wait for my salary', we read in an interview with de Dutch Volkskrant. But she was also allowed to do a lot, from buying haberdashery to keeping in touch with the studios and thinking along about a collection. 'I have learned to work to the millimetre. At Lemaire, everything had to be perfect.'

In 2017 she started her own design studio. Lotte designs for real people and she attaches great importance to comfortable clothing from premium quality materials which have also the perfect fit. The fabrics and yarns are found all over Europe. A garment from Atelier Charlie always feels soft and it wears like your favourite pyjamas. But you always look well dressed. The collection of Atelier Charlie is the perfect combination for your entire wardrobe. All items can be combined with each other, giving you infinite possibilities to put together an outfit.