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SOUL-SISTER kind of started by accident.

I, Esther, took a break from my career as a journalist and was messing around selling second-hand ‘Golden Goose’ boots on E-bay and the likes. When that got a little out of control – I set up a website based on minimalistic white background photography (you see a theme emerging here?) where people could look at the boots – but were not even able to buy – no, you had to drop me an e-mail alerting me of your interest and then a sale could be established… I figured: let’s see where this all ends. 


Coming from a family of doctors I, somewhat surprisingly, ended up with some entrepreneurial blood running through my veins – I suspect coming through from my grandmother who was once the first ever female sheep inspector or something. Anyway, I digress. 

I got the retail bug and kept building my business with love. I added different brands. The attic became a distribution centre. The dining room became an office. After a few years Lize joined me in my office – she’s one in a million and is nothing short of the perfect wing-woman. As of recently we are lucky to have Maartje as our newest team member.


Well – as of 2011 we are a real online store (where you can indeed pay online) and where we enjoy working, daily putting in our heart and soul. 

I, and these days also Lize, personally buy all items in the store. We know just how the individual pieces sit, how they look – and though this may sound a little intense, we even know the sizes and styles of a bunch of return customers we’ve got to know over the years. We’ll say: “ooh, did you notice that dress? It’s a typical piece for Carla D” or “I just know Maria B is going to absolutely adore that shirt” – because even though we don’t normally meet our customers – we do get to know the regulars taste and desires.


It has always been my ambition to be an accessible store. We are actually here for you. We can recommend, we know what we’re talking about, we understand how sizing works within the various brands, what the brand’s back story is – so we can really advise you. If you call us, you’ll speak to one of us – no-one else. We’re here – we’re personal and we’re involved.


One of the things that sets us apart form other fashion web-shops is our eye for images. I always believed that exclusive clothes, which often come with quite the price tag, should be shown in a flattering way. Not just with good contemporary photographs but also with back ground info. So - don’t just shop for a dress or a pair of shoes – but relax, grab a cappuccino and lose yourself on our site as if looking at a fashion magazine. Buy that special piece that excites you and cherish it for years to come.


It’s simple really; We love exclusive basics that come with a story and we love a beautiful picture. Enjoy.