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The biggest benefit of cashmere? Comfort.

A commonplace no doubt, but the fact of the matter is that cashmere is a joy to wear, super soft, and almost never too warm nor too cold. Other boons: cashmere is self-cleansing (really!), it lasts for years and years, and it is the most durable fibre. 


Cashmere comes from goats living in Inner Mongolia and Tibet, who have an extra thick and fluffy coat and who are happy to stand around all day grazing. The first layer of wool, which is closest to the skin, is called cashmere. Practically the only hairs which are used are those growing on the armpits, chin, and belly of the goat: these are most soft, explains Saskia Dijkstra – founder of Extreme Cashmere – in an interview for the Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Dijkstra decided somewhere in 2016 that she wanted to produce the most beautiful cashmere jumper ever—no concessions. She called in the help of designer Camille Serra (former Maison Margiela and Joseph). Together they produced not just one jumper but soon a whole collection, wholly independent of the usual restrictions, be they financial or be they the conventional divisions into seasons and gender. Extreme Cashmere was born.



Extreme Cashmere uses cashmere of goats from Inner Mongolia, who are said to possess the lightest and softest coat. The rough hairs are first sorted by colour and cleaned. The resulting dabs resembles wool but is much softer to the touch. These are dyed if so desired and only then are they spun into yarns. Perhaps this process sounds easier than it in fact is, since cashmere is fairly fluffy. This is also the moment when the quality of the cashmere is determined: the longer and thicker the threads (measured in ply), the softer the eventual cashmere jumper.

Two days rest

There is practically no need to wash cashmere, since it is a natural product with self-cleansing capacities. The golden tip of Extreme Cashmere: wear your cashmere items for one day, and then allow them to rest for two days. In the case of stains, a cold machine wash (30 degrees Celsius) with special detergent should do the trick. Lay it out flat to dry. Do not forget to iron; use a tea towel between the iron and the items. In this way your cashmere items stay beautiful the longest.


We want to rectify the common misconception that cashmere does not pill: it does, always. If you don’t believe us, ask Dijkstra. However, how much a particular item pills depends on a number of factors, such as the tightness of the knit and the person wearing it (one of us moves more than the other). Styles dyed in a colour requiring less dye, such beige and grey, pill the least.


Each Extreme Cashmere item comes with a handy guide, which is refreshingly transparent about the fact that the material pills. In this way, Extreme Cashmere is right to claim, “people may learn how to treat their item, giving them the opportunity to themselves to determine how long it lasts.” With the special Extreme Cashmere comb (which comes with every item) small fuzzballs can be easily removed. In this way your cashmere jumper will continue to look as new. Nice detail, extreme cashmere garments can be recognised by its embroidered flag detail on cuff or hem. This flag signifies the available colours of that specific style.